In-Tents Showers / Tent Only

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The "In-Tents Showers" kit includes a foot-pressurized shower that can be filled by any faucet, hose or water bottle and used anywhere you want to rinse off and don’t have access to a conventional shower. Because the water is pressurized on the ground, you don’t need to hang the water bladder from a tree branch. Instead, you keep the shower on the ground or grass and simply pump the foot pod about a dozen times to provide enough water pressure for a nice quick shower. A full shower bladder provides enough water for 2 - 3 quick showers. Plus you can use hot water or simply leave the bladder in your hot car to warm up.

For more privacy, and to take a real shower with convenient access to your toiletries and bath towel, simply deploy the “In-Tents Showers Shower Tent” that erects in four seconds. It snaps into form like a windshield visor and is just as easy to collapse when you’re finished showering.

Keep an In-Tents Shower in your backseat or trunk and you’ll save your time and gas by not having to drive all the way home just to shower after getting sweaty or dirty.

Check out this instructional video on how to use the portable shower: