Zoggs Fusion Air

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Discover the exhilaration in exhaustion with our Zoggs Fusion Air Goggles, the ultimate in swimming comfort. Fusion Air offer our Air Cushion Technology - air filled gaskets to give a 'cushioned' seal with significantly reduced marking around the eye.
These low profile goggles sit closely around the eyes for a more streamlined swim and ensure fantastic clarity with 180 degree peripheral vision, maximum UV protection and Fogbuster™ anti-fog for exceptional moisture control.
The interchangeable nose bridge comes in two sizes for a customized fit and with an easy to adjust double band strap it is even easier to get the perfect fit. 
  • Air cushioned pockets around the eyes for a contoured fit
  • Air Cushion Technology ensures reduced marking around the eyes
  • CLT™ – Curved Lens Technology offers 180 degree peripheral vision
  • Maximum UV protection
  • Fogbuster™ anti-fog lenses provide exceptional moisture control
  • Interchangeable nose bridge available in two sizes for a customised fit
  • Low profile sleek design
  • Easy Adjust silicone strap for fantastic strength, comfort and durability
  • Double band strap reduces pressure around the eyes
  • FINA approved