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FREE for the taking!

When Adriana Issakov opened La Jolla Swim and Sport in March 2014, she completed the decor by hanging a sign out front. 

It read: FREE Guided Cove Swim

FREE Guided Cove Swim


Issakov grew up swimming in La Jolla Cove and has channeled her love of ocean swimming by helping others feel at home in the ocean.

 "It's remarkable what has happened since I hung up that silly sign out in front of the swim shop.
The response has been amazing, bringing many fantastic people into my life."

From Argentina to Canada, Australia to England, we've had swimmers from all over the world join our FREE guided swims!



FREE Guided Cove Swim


Fast forward to today, Issakov now offers guided swims at the Cove both through her website and through AirBnb Experienes.  Offered every day with a prior reservation. Guided swims and snorkel tours are catered to each individuals needs.  Prices range from $25 - $59 per person depending on activity and length of time. Swimmers and snorkelers who seek her out benefit from her knowledge from a lifetime of swimming at the Cove.  Mentoring new swimmers, triathletes and marathon ocean swimmers of all levels. She is also certified as an Official Catalina Channel Observer.

Look for her on AirBnb Experiences!

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La Jolla Swim and Sport is the ONLY swim shop in the Village of La Jolla. 

An outstanding selection of product for sale and for rent for all your water sports needs.

Come and check out the shop and meet the owner!