Zoggs Pred Flex Reactor

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    • 4 Flexpoint™ technology for superior frame flexibility.
    • Allows the frame to flex to your face for a secure and comfortable fit.
    • Enables nosebridge to flex around the eye for a secure leak-free seal.
    • Italian lenses and enhanced frame design for the latest in styling.
    • Fogbuster™ embedded anti-fog lenses for the best in fog-free vision.
    • Quick adjust strap mechanism can be adjusted in seconds.
    • Curved Lens Technology allows for zero distortion.
    • Silicone strap.
    • Photo Chromatic technology:
    • Perfect Tint™ lenses quickly adjust the lens tint, based on current lighting conditions to give you optimum vision.
    • Made exclusively for Zoggs.
    • Automatically adjust from light to dark tint and back quickly to protect your eyes from the sun and fatigue.
    • Perfect lens for all lighting conditions.
    • UV protection.
    • Quick adjust: just pull the two straps to tighten and lift the lever to loosen.
    • Lenses are coated with Fogbuster™ anti-fog for clear vision.



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