DMC Repellor Fins

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Speed through the water with the

DMC Repellor Swim Fins


  • Patent Pending Interlocking Lugs design
  • Ultra-comfortable universal foot cavity
  • Innovative RVR (Reverse VEE Rail) Technology
  • High-end OCEAN A.P.D. (Aquatic Propulsion Device) for use in all facets of surf requirements
  • Perfect for Bodysurfing / Bodyboarding / Lifeguarding / Ocean Swimming
  • Perform as an extension of the body and can be used to improve lower body fitness, leg strength and ankle flexibility while maximizing your speed in the water


  •  Closure: Slip on with ankle strap
  •  Material(s): Silicone

How to check your Fin sizing: Push the fin well onto the foot prior to pulling the strap. Sit on a chair, extend your legs, and flex your ankle/foot out. This is your swimming position. They are not a shoe so standing in them will not test the correct size.