Aqua Lung Women's Hydroflex Wetsuit 1mm

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Protection is still needed in warm waters. The Women's HydroFlex 1mm wetsuit keeps you secure and comfortable during tropical dives, snorkel or swims. With a design inspired by coral reefs, the Hydroflex is thin enough to prevent overheating, but thick enough to help you avoid scrapes and cuts.

Feel & Fit

    • Easy on SkinThe inner material is ultra-soft, making it easier to put on and take off the suit. A V-shaped collar and flat-lock stitching provide extra comfort
    • Powertex KneepadsHow can we provide durable abrasion resistance without sacrificing stretch? Aqualung's Powertex kneepad material is tough, yet highly flexible
    • Dive Computer-FriendlyThe left sleeve is outfitted with a silicone traction pad to keep your dive computer from rotating once the neoprene compresses under water
  • Loop ZipperA zipper loop feature helps make getting in and out of the wetsuit alot easier on a rocking boat

Warmth & Protection

    • Liquid Rubber SeamsSeams are sealed with liquid rubber to keep warmth in and water out. It also protects them from unraveling
  • Core ProtectionReinforced chest panel provides extra resistance from wind and abrasions

Environmentally Conscious

  • Non-Petroleum-BasedWith an eye toward better environmental health, this neoprene is made of non-petroleum-based material