Barracuda H2Rx Goggles

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If you're required to wear corrective lenses outside the water, it makes absolutely no sense to deprive yourself while you're in the pool. Before prescription grade goggle lenses were available, swimmers weren't always treated to a 20/20 swim. But thanks to advances in research and production, corrective goggle lenses are widely available. The Barracuda H2RX Goggles aim to give each and every swimmer an individualized pair that will help him or her see as clearly as possible when at the pool. The prescription lenses are available in diopters ranging from -1.5 to -10.0. Unlike other models, such as Aqua Sphere Eagle Swim Goggles, which require swimmers to manually interchange corrective lens pieces, the Barracudas are pre-made with your prescription already permanently placed into the goggle frame.