Cobalt Tuvalu Full Face Mask

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The Tuvalu full-face snorkel mask delivers a combination of safety, ease-of-use, and comfort that will allow anyone to quickly explore the underwater world.  

Key features:

  • EASY SAFE BREATHING / Dual chamber system separates inhaled fresh air from exhaled CO2, ensuring that fresh air is always circulating through the mask.
  • 180° PANORAMIC VISIBILITY / Designed to optimize visibility and minimize optical distortion, the engineered lens provides unimpeded, fog-free visibility.
  • DRY-TOP SNORKEL / 100% submersible dry top snorkel keeps the water out of the snorkel both above and below the surface.
  • LEAK FREE COMFORT / The silicone skirt provides a comfortable, leak-free seal and the elastic straps provide easy adjustment, both in and out of the water.
  • FRONT CAMERA MOUNT / Extended front mount places the camera in the ideal position to see what you’re filming, and film what you’re seeing.