Cressi Boy's 1.5mm Long Sleeve Swimsuit

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One-piece swimsuit for little children ideal for any kind of water activity. It is a must-have for the swimming pool or to go snorkeling in the sea.
The sides, the collar, and the sleeves are made of Elastane, an elastic fabric that works like a second skin, protecting against the harmful sun ray (UVA - UVB) and against jellyfishes.
The front and the back part are made of 1.5 mm Neoprene to ensure warmth and to offer an extra protection against cold, perfect in case of prolonged water exposure or in windy days.
The front zip (made of the quality YKK) makes easy the donning and doffing.
Ideal for kids aged between 2 and 10 years old.


                                               Age                           Height (inches)                Weight
 S 1/2 30/33 22/29
 M 3/4 33/43 29/46
 L 4/6 43/47 46/57
 XL 6/8 47/53 57/71
 XXL 8/10 53/57 71/85